A Brief Introduction about the Material of Wool Scarves

A wool scarf is the most staple winter accessories. People wear it for warmth, softness, coziness. Wool scarves are the most common accessories because of the good quality and durability. However, choosing the best wool scarf seems difficult if you are not familiar with the material of wool. Choosing the right material is just as vital as what wool scarf knot you use. The material will determine the texture, weight and the all-important weather-appropriateness factors. The material of wool scarf is necessary to accentuate. Here we will share some knowledge about material of wool scarves.

How do you know what material your wool scarf is made from?
Similar to human hair, wool fiber is the hair of various animals like sheep, goats. The material of wool scarves mainly can be divided into three types from the macro aspect. There are lambswool, merino wool and cashmere. Firstly, Lambswool is quite literally wool from lambs. The young sheep provide soft, fine wool that makes for great clothing and home items. Lambswool is generally softer and less likely to cause skin irritation than common wool. Lambswool is a muti-purpose natural fiber that is a favorite among knitters and spinners. Secondly, merino wool is much finer and softer than regular wool. It is grown by the merino sheep that graze the highlands of Australia and Zealand. Since it is rare, merino wool is usually used in luxurious clothes. Lastly, cashmere, animal-hair fibre forming the downy undercoat of the Kashmir goat and belonging to the group of textile fibers called specialty hair fibers. Although the word cashmere is sometimes incorrectly applied to extremely soft wool, only the product of the Kashmir goat is true cashmere.


Different types of wool
Not all wool is the same. Some wool is softer than cashmere, while others are hardier and resilient, suitable for carpets and bedding. Wool can be divided into three main categories, based on the micro aspect of each fiber.
①Fine: Wool with the finest micron comes from Merino sheep and is used for high-quality, soft-handling fabrics and knitting yarns. Fine wool is highly valued by the world’s leading fashion houses and is the hero ingredient of many woolmark collaborations.
②Medium: Medium micron wool can be produced from a type of Merino or produced by crossing one breed with another (crossbreeding). Medium wool are used in a variety of woven apparel cloths, knitting yarns and furnishings.
③Broad: Many different sheep breeds produce broader wool. Often these breeds are known as dual-purpose breeds because they are farmed with equal emphasis on meat and wool. Broad wool is useful for products such as carpets because of its strength and durability.


All in all, learning these knowledge, we can pick the good-quality wool scarf within budgets.

Post time: Oct-14-2022