How to Choose a Suitable Hat

Finding the right hat for your face shape can be like trying on pants... they may have the same sizes on the tags, but they don’t fit the same way. After all, the same hat can look great on one person but not quite communicate the same sense of personality on the next. And that’s OK, because there’s a perfect hat for every face shape and personality.

Before you ask how to find the right hat, you first need to ask yourself “What kind of face shape am I working with?” “which hat color am I fitting”. Here will show some helpful tips to choose a suitable hat.

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Choose hats for an "oval face"
Feel free to try all kinds of hats! You are blessed with a very versatile look! Pick up whatever suits your mood, as long as the hat is in harmony with your outfit. Women with oval faces can top off any hat.







Choose hats for a "round face"
Add some asymmetry to your look. You can perfectly handle a fedora, a newsboy hat, or a baseball cap. This symmetrical face cries out for a new angle: asymmetry. Steer clear of round crowns, which can emphasize the roundness of your face.

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Choose hats for a "oblong face"
If you have oblong face try a hat with a flared brim and low crown, such as a sunhat, a cloche, or a fedora with a large brim. The large brim of a sunhat may well offset the length of a long face. Avoid any hats with tall crowns, which only elongate your face even more. A cloche worn low to your eyebrows can help conceal your high forehead, and, like sorcery, create an impression of the shortened face.


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Post time: Sep-22-2022