How to Take Care of Wool Scarves

Some wool scarves are designed to keep you warm on cold days, others are more like stylish accessories to finish off a fashionable outfit to add class and sophistication. Whatever your preference, you'll find a wide range of wool scarves in our shop. As we all know, the material of wool scarf is soft and valuable. So, it is indispensable to take care of our wool scarves in an correct way in our daily life. Wool takes a little special handling, so to keep your wool scarf in great shape, you need to take good care of it.



Method1 Hand washing a wool scarf

Most modern wool scarves mainly made from lambswool, merino wool and cashmere. This leads to make it more difficult for care and washing. It’s best not to wash your wool scarves in hot water. Even if your scarf is “shrink resistant”, you may be wise enough not to wash your wool scarves in hot water. Fill up your washbasin with cool water. You may wish to use a gentle detergent. Let the scarf sit for just a little while, before returning. When it's finished soaking, swish it around a little to loosen up the dirt. Pour out the soapy water and pour in some new, fresh, cool water. Continue to gently swish your scarf around in the water to loosen up the left over dirt. Continue to pour and refill until the water runs clean.

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Method2  Machine washing your wool scarf

Set your machine to "gentle" setting and remember to wash in cold water. Avoid your scarf getting tangled in the wash. There are a couple of ways to do this:
①You can zip your scarf into a lingerie bag that's made for washing small things so that you scarf doesn't free float in your wash.
②You can also place the scarf into a pillowcase and fold it over close once (or twice) and safety pin it close. Your scarf won't tangle upon itself and stretch.
③Remember to set your machine on "Gentle". When you set it on "Gentle" this keep the material from stretching or ripping.


Method3  Air drying your wool scarf

Try not to ring or twist the scarf before drying it. This will loosen the yarns out of shape and will stretch in different directions; in other words, it will look lopsided. You can place the scarf on a towel and role up the towel with the scarf inside. That will drain the excess water. Lay it on a flat dry towel until it's dry. If you want, you can hang it on a hanger or two, spread from one to the other. This is to make sure the scarf doesn't stretch out of its shape.


Post time: Nov-01-2022