Small Silk Scarves and Big Images

When it comes to the silk scarves, there are some puzzled problems, such as, which worker groups can wear silk scarves? Actually, silk scarves never limit any groups, genders and styles. Whether it is in the service industry,  such as banks, airlines or some large enterprises, more and more women begin to wear silk scarves, especially in spring. If you choose a fit silk scarf, the small silk scarves can present people’s big images. There are some tactics to help woman choose a fit silk scarf to present a big image.


1. Distinguish quality from fabric and color
When you like a certain silk scarf, the first thing to do is to put it close to your face and see if it matches your face. If it doesn't match your face, don't hesitate and give up it immediately. It should be noted that although the color design of some scarves is impeccable, there are subtle differences between their favorite and suitable colors. The favorite color is not the most suitable colors. Generally speaking, the color of silk scarves can sometimes be used as a standard to measure the quality. The richer the color, the higher the cost of printing and dyeing, and the better the quality.

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2. Choose according to your body characteristics

The material, size, thickness of silk scarves will be different. It is best to match their own body characteristics and try to use silk scarf to show the advantages. For example: people with long necks are very suitable for tying scarves, and any kind of binding looks beautiful; For people with short necks, it is recommended to choose a thinner fabric, and do not tie it in the middle of the neck, and tie it as low as possible. In addition, the size of silk scarves should be proportional to the figure, and the petite and exquisite women should avoid too large, too heavy silk scarves.

3. Choose according to the shape of your face

(1)Round face

For people with a plump face, if you want to make the facial contour look fresh and thin, the key is to lengthen the drooping part of the silk scarf as far as possible, emphasizing the longitudinal sense, and pay attention to maintaining the integrity of the longitudinal line from head to foot. The method would make your face look smaller.

(2)Long face

The left and right horizontal tie method can show a hazy and elegant feeling for people with a long face. Such as lily knot, necklace knot, double head knot, etc. It is beneficial to modify the shape of face.

(3)Inverted triangle face

From the forehead to the mandible, the width of the face gradually narrowed inverted triangle face. It gives  people a severe impression and monotonous feeling of the face. At this time, you can use silk scarves to make your countenance more vivid . A luxurious tie style will have a good effect. Such as rose knot with leaves, necklace knot, blue and white knot, etc. Pay attention to reduce the number of times around the silk scarf. The drooping triangle should be expanded as naturally as possible to avoid too tight encirclement, and pay attention to the horizontal layering of the knot.

Everyone is the unique individual in the world.From the color of your face,body characteristic and the shape of your face,you can choose a perfect and suitable silk scarf. The best silk scarf is the suitable one, not the most favorite one. So, choose a fit silk scarf in a correct way.

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Post time: Oct-28-2022