How to Tie a Rectangular Silk Scarf

Silk scarves are the necessity in our daily life. In spring, more and more women prefer the silk scarf other than the wool scarves. So, how to tie a silk scarf in a beautiful way especially arouses people’s interests. Following are some simple methods to help people tie a rectangular in artsy ways.




Method1   Do a simple wrap

 Pick your scarf up loosely to create natural folds in the fabric. Wrap the scarf around your neck a single time, and then tug at the loop you’ve created to drape it over your chest. You leave the tail ends of the scarf in the front or the back.








Method2   Tie your scarf in a bow

A long scarf is perfect for a big, flouncy bow. Tie the scarf around your neck in a loose knot, and slide it to the side a bit. Then use the ends to create the classic bunny-eared bow. Spread out the fabric a bit and loosen the bow for a more casual look.


Method 3  Create an infinity scarf

Lay your scarf out flat on a smooth surface. Fold it in half and tie each set of corners together to create a large loop. Then, wrap the scarf around your neck, multiple times if necessary, so that no loose ends are left dangling down.


Method4   Make a tied cape

Unfold your scarf completely so that it is totally flat. Drape it over your shoulders like a cape or shawl. Then, grab the two ends and tie them together in a double knot in the front.


Method5  Tie your scarf in a hacking knot

Fold your scarf in half, creating a loop at one end with two tail pieces at the other. Wrap the scarf around your neck so that both the loop and tails are in the front above your chest. Then, pull the two ends through the loop, and adjust the fabric to your liking. 



Post time: Dec-21-2022