Novel Ways to Wear Your Scarf

One of the season's most versatile accessories is not "new," but a silk scarf. Yes, this colorful staple formerly associated only with grandmothers has been given a whole new look by fashion bloggers and street fashionistas. (Plus, it's an affordable way to dress up anything!)

 Here are five new ways to style a silk scarf that you'll definitely want to emulate.



As a Belt:

Whether you're in boyfriend jeans,high-waisted tailored trousers or your dress, nothing says "I went the extra mile" quite like using a silk scarf in lieu of a leather belt. The best part is: It took no extra effort than fastening your boring buckle.


As a Bracelet:

More is more when it comes to wrist adornments and we've found that the region provides a great home for this particular decoration. This styling method works best with smaller scarves or pocket squares (for obvious reasons), so go ahead—march yourself into that men's store and stock up on all the best colors and patterns. They look better on us, anyway!



On Your Bag:

Accessorizing your accessory? Why not! Kick up your bag game by tying a silk scarf around the handle in a bow or loose knot. You can even take it one step further and wrap the handle completely!


Around Your Neck:

The most classic way to style a scarf is no less chic. A silk scarf is an elegant way to add a pop of color to a blazer and jeans or a solid-color dress. Not only can you style the smallest to the most oversize of the bunch in this way, but there are also so many possibilities in terms of how to knot, bow, loop, or drape, you'll never wear it the same way twice.


Post time: Dec-28-2022