Warmest Winter Hats for the Outdoors

Keeping your head warm in subzero weather is important. A wool hat can make all the difference in a gentle breeze. Whatever you’re doing, there’s a winter hat for the occasion. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites for various winter sports below.



While the idea that half of our body heat is lost through the head is a medical misconception, wearing a hat helps conserve heat and protect our limbs, such as our ears, which are sure to be damaged first when it's cold. A beret, scarf, and gloves outfit is a must-have for going out this winter. This outfit is stylish without looking bulky, and it keeps you warm while decorating.

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Chunky merino wool scarves tend to have a simple but classic design in neutral colors. Merino wool is naturally hygroscopic and insulates wet, so it will absorb a lot of water without feeling a damp touch or wet skin. Winter suits are great for outdoor activities and everyday wear. Such as skiing, snowboarding, shopping, running, camping, traveling, fishing, hiking, etc.


The winter hat has a bigger pom-pom, which is super cute. We use matching colors or coonskin pompoms as hats, and when they're put together, they look great together. Wool beanies are a popular accessory for winter and fall. It's big enough to comfortably cover your ears. You can wear this winter hat for casual wear or use it as a fur hat.

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Hope you're enthusiastic about buying a new winter hat. Always keep in mind the temperatures, styles and activities your hat must be able to withstand so you won't be disappointed. There are many kinds of hats, and when it comes to hats, you can never have too many. Keep preparing!

Post time: Jan-03-2023